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A running gag started in issue 5 wherein whenever Cerebus' fur gets wet it smells very bad.

In issue 5 the Pigts state that Cerebus' wet fur has "...the smell of a thousand dung worms mating in the noon sun."

In issue 14 Lord Julius comments on Cerebus' wet fur: "Circulate a memo...'any member of the household staff allowing Cerebus within ten feet of Lord Julius on a rainy day is to be executed!'"

In issue 17 Cerebus gets caught in the rain and thinks to himself that he "...smelled like the back end of a horse with dysentery..."

In issue 26 when staying at his room in the Regency Hotel, the desk clerk enters Cerebus' room and asks where his boy is at. Cerebus states he left because "when Cerebus' fur gets wet it takes a strong stomach to stay in the vicinity..." and the desk clerk replies "I see what you *koff* mean. Sort of lingers in the air doesn't it?"

In issue 49 Cerebus accidently gets wet, and Astoria is seen coughing and holding out a towel for Cerebus. Cerebus tells here to "Try breathing through your mouth." and Astoria responds "Who's breathing?" as she continues to cough.

In Issue 53 the Countess Michelle tips Cerebus into a fountain. She is seen walking behind Cerebus coughing while Cerebus tells her not to follow so closely, breath through her mouth and turn her head.

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