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Swords of Cerebus covers
Swords of Cerebus covers

Before the phonebooks, this six volume series collected the first 25 issues. The first printing of volume six did not include issue 25 so a supplement was published with that issue.

Each volume included introductory notes from Dave Sim and additional back up stories:

  1. Reprints Cerebus #1-4. New back-up story: "The Name of the Game is Diamondback." First Printing: January 1981. Second printings onward have a different cover.
  2. Reprints Cerebus #5-8. Back-up story: "Demonhorn", a reprint of the Cerebus story from Nucleus #1 and a new back-up story "The Morning After". First Printing: June 1981.
  3. Reprints Cerebus #9-12. Back-up story: "What Happened Between Issues Twenty & Twenty-One." First Printing: Fall 1981.
  4. Reprints Cerebus #13-16. New back-up story, "Magiking". Also includes back-up story: "Silverspoon." A reprint of the strips that ran in The Buyer's Guide for Comic Fandom. First Printing: Fall 1982.
  5. Reprints Cerebus #17-20. Back-up story: "Cerebus Dreams" by Barry Windsor-Smith. The back and front covers are also by Smith. First Printing: Fall 1983.
  6. First print: Reprinted Cerebus #21-24. A supplement came out that reprinted #25. Other printings reprinted Cerebus #21-25. Back-up story: "A Night on the Town." First Printing: Fall 1984.
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