Issue 264

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March 2001: Going Home 33
Issue 264
PresidentDave Sim
Administrative AssistantCarol West
Going Home: Form & Void
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Issue Summary

Cerebus has a dream of Crotch-Face killing Jaka because she was talking about the Black Tower Catacombs and women aren’t supposed to be in the catacombs.

Cerebus wakes up and makes Jaka promise she won’t tell anyone she was in them. She refuses at first but then acquiesces to Cerebus request with a “double slitty-eyed ‘Palnu face’ and a door slam”.

Cerebus realizes it is morning and asks Jaka why she didn’t wake him up at the first moon. Cerebus isn’t happy with Jaka’s reason, and the two of them argue some more. Cerebus tells Jaka they will have to pretend that they are married because his hometown is very strict orthodox Tarmite. She claims that they have no wedding rings, so Cerebus makes up a story why they don’t have them and she laughs at his story. Cerebus then yells at her to stop mouthing off. She starts laughing at Cerebus and they come up on Sand Hills Creek. Cerebus thinks of what Jaka says before she says it, he is flashing back to his dream.



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Artist Notes

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  • The dream Cerebus flashes back to happened once in issue 203.

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