Issue 203

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Febuary 1996: Guys 3
Issue 203
PresidentDave Sim
Administrative AssistantCarol West
ProofreadingDiana Schutz
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Issue Summary

An episode where Cerebus doesn't even really attain consciousness. Many odd day-dreams bring back the faces of those long gone in Cerebus' life. Cerebus prays to "Dave" for a quick death as opposed to continuing his current life. Also, a "reads" signing with Pluto and Squinteye takes place, drawing a crowd that includes fanroach.



Artist Notes

From the Questions on Form & Void

Q5: If we refer to pages 60 & 61 of *Guys*, we see the first version of the scene outside Cerebus' parents house in a drunken vision. Not every line matches up. Some lines previously spoken are thought, and some words previously thought are spoken. You have stated that this was a bad dream, and that a probable reason that Cerebus inserted Astoria into the scene is because he associates her with bad things. Now, however, Astoria has now been replaced by Jaka. Curiously, both times we see Cerebus' reflection in the window, his severed ear is on the wrong side. The empty chair sits in the same place, and the deck is partially torn up. This could all suggest that these events have happened more than these two times, in different realities, and Sand Hills Creek is some kind of dimensional nexus. Was the vision in Guys a signal that he should come back home to Sand Hills Creek?

DAVE: No, on the dimensional nexus. A dimensional nexus or the idea that alternate dimensions exist, it seems to me is a way of simultaneously acknowledging and denying free will i.e. "I made a bad choice but somewhere in another dimension I made a good choice, so that makes it okay." It seems to me a core element of belief in God that a choice is a choice and it eliminates all other choices. As to whether the dream was a signal? Yes, definitely. It was time, or rather past time. This is how the happy homecoming is going to play out because it's too late to play out any other way. The event was preordained in a real sense. He had obviously had the dream before and my own theory is that we all have these sorts of super-reality core moments in our lives that we visit and revisit and usually forget in our dreams The moment is on the cusp of the watershed moment when he crosses over from Jaka as Core Reality to Jaka as Regretted Mistake. His dreaming mind cast Astoria in the role because his unconscious dreaming mind was aware that this was an unhappy event and would be incapable of seeing any event that included Jaka to be an unhappy event even though every event in his life that included Jaka or someone who looked like Jaka had been and would continue to be an unhappy event. "He who has ears to hear, let him hear." "Huh?" The severed ear is on the wrong side because I made a mistake, which I have admitted before and which presumably I will have to admit every time we discuss the reflection in the window. I made a mistake and put the severed ear on the wrong side in the reflection. Ger didn't catch it, so there it is.


  • p.5: Cerebus in his altered state dreams that "Elrod is actually death! So obvious. How could Cerebus. . ." This is a reference to issue 196 wherein Dave tells Cerebus that Elrod was on of the chaotic manifestations that were unleashed when Cerebus sold his helmet in-between issue 3 and issue 4. Dave also revealed that Death was one of these chaotic manifestations, but didn't reveal that to Cerebus.
  • p. 12: In Cerebus' dream he sees an empty chair through a window. He think/says that there is 'one chair. one empty chair.' Someone else says 'a what?' and he thinks 'She never hears Cerebus when he says that.' Cerebus responds 'One empty chair.' and 'We've been here before' and thinks to himself 'She hears Cerebus wrong.' and someone else responds 'well of course you have -- this is --'. The next panel reveals that the person he is talking to is Astoria. Cerebus thinks 'No -- not just Cerebus -- both of us. We've been here before. We always have this conversation. It's always falling apart. They're not here. They're not here. . . .well. . .'. The dream is a foreshadowing of the events in issue 264 when Cerebus returns to Sand Hills Creek with Jaka.
  • p. 19: Cerebus struggles to stand up at the bar, and we hear a 'thump' as he falls. Harrison asks 'woot wooz that?! Soomthen fell!' in an echo of something fell.
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